Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Deutschland – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft e.V. (KEB Deutschland e.V.)

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The Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Deutschland  – Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (KEB) was founded in 1957. It is the Catholic umbrella organisation of adult education in the Federal Republic of Germany with presently 56 members and 660 institutions. KEB is the largest non-municipal supplier of general further education in Germany.

KEB represents the interests of catholic instituions of adult education vis-à-vis the German Federal Government and the German Bishops Conference. It represents the Catholic adult education vis-à-vis federal offices and other institutions of education.

It maintains commissions for media, employee training and education in old age. KEB is carrier of nationwide projects and organizes conferences and seminars. It is editor of ERWACHSENENBILDUNG (EB), journals and series of publications.

Adress: Rheinweg 34, D-53113 Bonn

France (Membership currently dormant)

Service des Formations

Service des Formations

The diocesan institution of adult education, Service de Formations of the diocese Straßburg works in cooperation with the Catholic education centers in Alsace and with the seven dioceses of the church province of Besançon.

Aim of its training programms is strengthening of the theological and pastoral competence of the full-time employees and the volunteers in the service of the church.

Beyond that offers the Service de Formations courses to help catholic Christians to intensify their faith and to understand the complex processes of the modern, secular world.

Adress: 21 rue St. Roch, F-39800 Poligny


Forum Katholischer Erwachsenenbildung in Österreich

Logo Forum Österreich

The Forum Katholischer Erwachsenenbildung Österreich networks more than 60 organisations of adult education in church sponsorship.

The offer of the organisation includes all areas of modern science and places the human and the personal development in the centre of the work. With that it is a key resource to support the European knowledge area.

Forum Katholischer Erwachsenenbildung Österreich offers workshops, seminars, trainings and conferences in theological, political, personality building and spiritual education.

Adress: Erdbergstraße 72/Top 8, A-1030 Wien


Pro Educatione Egyesület

Pro educatione

The association Pro Educatione was founded in 2011 to network the Christian initiatives of adult education in the archsdiocese Alba Julia.

Aims are the protection of the thoeretical and practical knowledge of the adult education and the support of the members work. The association incites society true to Christian values and represents the interests of the Christian adult education vis-à-vis church, state and society.

Adress: Str. Szék nr. 147, R-530203 Miercurea Ciuc


Katholische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Erwachsenenbildung der Schweiz und Liechtensteins (KAGEB)


The KAGEB is a service association of adult education and networks more than 30 Catholic education centers, organisations and associations..

Aims are to represent the interests of Catholic adult education vis-à-vis church, state and society and to support and to network the members. The member institutions offer an extensive range of courses in theological, spiritual, political and personality building education.

Adress: Alpenquai 4, CH-6002 Luzern


Moravsko-slezská křesťanská akademie (MSKA)


MSKA is an independant association of education of the Movarian church province. The headquarter is in Brno and the Akademie has offices in different Movarian and Silesian cities.

Aims are expansion and networking of the Catholic adult education, cooperation with other organisations of education in neighboring countries, expansion of the range of courses and to represent the interests of Catholic adult education vis-à-vis church, state and society.

The Akademie organizes conferences and seminars and is editor of the journal Dialog Europa XXL.

Adress: Wurmova 11, CZ-771 00 Olomouc


Katolikus Ifjúsági és Felnõttképzési Egyesület (KIFE)

KIFE Hungary

The Catholic Youth and Adult Education Association (KIFE) is a nationwide umbrella organisation embracing 31 organisations with the aim of providing a forum for catholic youth and adult education organisations and initiatives in Hungary and across the border.  KIFE particularly aims at continuously enhancing the quality of the training activities, supporting the work of the member organizations and the representation of associates in Hungary and abroad.

The main aim of KIFE’s operation is the provide services on the field of youth and adult education. During its 17 year existence, it allocated lots of high quality knowledge and professional relationships, and was continuously seeking areas and situations that were in the need of development. Its services, partnership and professional support is provided and offered for various spheres.

KIFE itself initiates and starts innovative projects related to youth development and adult education. A strong emphasis is laid on enhancing the participation of target groups, who suffer from disadvantages for some reason and on providing them with equal opportunities.

Adress: Kolozsvári tér 12/b, H-6725 Szeged

Luxembourg (Membership currently dormant)


Logo EB lux_farbe_fr-1

The „ErwuesseBildung“ is an establishment of the archdiocese Luxembourg and the Ministry for Families – in cooperation with Luxembourg City. The offer of the organisation places the human and the personal development at all stages in the centre of the work. The work of the ErwuesseBildungs focuses on general life management, spiritual courses, educational aids and themes of social policies. In addition it operates one panel for media literacy with a media libary, a selection of literature and media enducational events.

Adress: 5, avenue Marie-Thérèse, L-2132 Luxembourg


The catholic adult education of South Tyrol (AKEBS)

The catholic adult education of south Tyrol (AKEBS) – foundet 1977 – is the umbrella organistion of the catholic adult educations of the diocese Bozen-Brixen. The AKEBS
– represents the interest of the members,
– develop common activities of adult education institutions,
– campaign the appreciation of non-formal education besides shool and
vocational education,
– empower independent judgment and responsible accomphlishement of life:
The catholic adult education endeavour to be near to the men and their needs  and to intellect examination in an plural Society.

Adress: Katholisches Bildungswerk, Domplatz 2, I-39100 Bozen


The Lithuanian Kolping Society

The society in Lithuania was established in 1993 and it is a part of International Kolping Society. The Lithuanian Kolping Society unifies layman of different age from all over Lithuania. Organization‘s main attention is paid to the work and profession, marriage and family, social, state, cultural and leisure fields.
Kolping Society organizes the seminars of Christian social education, democracy and citizenship, organises projects about developing cooperation (help for developing countries), takes part when arranging local and international projects in the social and educational sphere. The Society works with different age groups – children, youth and adults.
Kolping Society considers education as one of the most important tasks, because good professional education is the best guarantee to keep the workplace and gives any person a faithful possibility to asure her/his main demands from the payment. Good professional education can help to gain more confidence in ourselves and consolidate personality. Education by Kolping Society is understood not only as an onetime attainment of knowledge, but as a process of perfection lasting for all our life, and for which every person is responsible by her/his own.

Adress: Raguvos g. 7, LT-44275 Kaunas