Executive Board:

President: Dr. Alois Becker

Edit Balogh (Hungary), Heinrich Block (France), Mag. Hubert Petrasch (Austria)

Manager: Andrea Heim (Germany)

Dr. Alois BeckerDr. Alois Becker

Born 1946, grew up and graduated from school in Randolfzell on Lake Constance.

Studies of social sciences in Bochum, academic degrees as Dipl. rer. soc. and Dr. rer. soc.

Since 1974 acting as pedagogical staff of the Akademie Klausenhof, since 1977 Deputy Director and from 1989 until 2011 Director of the institution.
Focus areas: migration, second chance education, professional developement, political education, quality management.

Work in committees of adult education at regional, federal state and national level.
Until the end of 2011 chairman of Arbeitsgemeinschaft katholisch-sozialer Bildungswerke Deutschlands (AKSB) and until June 2012 deputy chairman of Katholische Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Erwachsenenbildung (KBE).

Am Klausenhof 5, D-46499 Hamminkeln
E-Mail: president@feeca.eu

Heinrich BlockHeinrich Block

Study of theology in Münster (GER) and Angers et Paris (F), specialisation in ecclesiology and sacramental theology.

From 1986 until 1999 acting in youth work and adult education in the diocese of Versailles, teaching at the university of Paris.
Since 1999 director oft he adult education (Service Diocésain des Formations) in the diocese of Strasbourg.

Theologian of the church province of Besançon (IREP ; Instance Régionale Evêques-Prêtres), Teacher at the university of Strasbourg.

Adress: 21 rue St. Roch, F-39800 Poligny
E-Mail: formation@eglisejura.com

Mag. Hubert Petrasch

Studium der Fachtheologie und Religionspädagogik in Wien

2012-2018 Bundesgeschäftsführer des Forums Katholischer Erwachsenenbildung in Österreich
2002-2004 sowie 2012-2014 Vorsitzender der KEBÖ (Konferenz der Erwachsenenbildung in Österreich)
seit 2004 Geschäftsführer der Dienststelle Erwachsenenbildung in der Erzdiözese Wien


Adresse: Stephansplatz 3/2, A-1010 Wien
E-Mail: h.petrasch@edw.or.at

Foto: Stephan Doleschal


Edit BaloghEdit Balogh

Born 1970 in Esztergom.

Studies of economics, non-profit management and chemistry, biology and geography for a teaching degree.

2001 – 2020 managing director of Catholic Youth and Adult Education Association (KIFE).

Since 2002 chairwoman of the Talentum Foundation for Volunteer Work, since 2018 head of the EQF-NCP in the Education Office, specialized in qualification frameworks.

E-Mail: balogh@feeca.eu

Andrea Heim

Born 1982 in Ulm.

Study of political science and sociology and public management.

National managing director of Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Erwachsenenbildung (KBE), the national association of catholic institutions of adult education (presently with 58 members with around 575 institutions). KBE is contributor of the European Office for Catholic Youth and Adult Education in Bruxelles.

Adress: Rheinweg 34, D-53113 Bonn
E-Mail: heim@feeca.eu