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The European Federation for Catholic Adult Education – Federation Européenne pour l’Éducation Catholique des Adults (FEECA) –, which was founded in 1963, connects national umbrella-organsisations of catholic adult education to an european network.

Oriented in the Christian understanding of the human being, the members of FEECA see their task in the effort in human dignity and the human right of holistic education in a pluralistic european society.

FEECA supports the work of their members in a wide variety of ways. It provides an opportunity for an exchange of experience between the members, organises conferences, symposia and seminars, invites to participate in education programmes and it develops own projects in this framework.

FEECA maintains contacts with national and international church and public institutions and participates actively in education policy. FEECA works closely with the European Office for Catholic Youth and Adult Education. It has an independent, non-profit legal status.

On average about 4.660.000 people participate in 206.000 activities of all Catholic Adult Education Facilities, which are part of FEECA. This is an amount of 2.700.000 working units.


The Professional Event of this year ends successful

From 7 countries the participants came to the FEECA trade conference „Laudato Si“ – Impulses for the catholic adult education in Europe” from the 24th to the 25th of April 2018 in Budapest. The professional event’s topic was the Creation and its protection. After introductory presentations about the interpretation and implementation of the Laudato si encyclical in Hungary, the participants have exchanged themselves in educational formats for the practise of the adult education. The Catholic adult education in Europe is very active to get people for the preservation of the Creation and their social-ecological responsibility. It is a tough laborious way which does not keep us from following up our educational efforts.

Strengthening non-formal youth work and adult education

Position Paper on the further development of Erasmus+
The present paper was drafted in collaboration between 5 organisations active in catholic youth work and adult education. The catholic youth work and adult education acknowledge that Erasmus+ is one of the most successful EU-funding programmes and emphasize its significance for an ever closer Union and the future of European Integration.
You will find the details of the recommendation for the new programe here: Position Paper on the further development of Erasmus+.

„Laudato Si“ – impulse for the catholic adult education

The symposium of the european ferderation of the catholic adult education organization (FEECA) about the social encyclical of the pope will take place from April the 24.-25. 2018 in Budapest. The conference language is german. You find the programe here: Programm_FEECA

Position Paper on Erasmus+
Further development of YOUTH IN ACTION and GRUNDTVIG programmes required. Read more…

Catholic Adult Education in Europe – fit for future?

“Catholic Adult Education and New Media” was the topic of the FEECA symposium 2015, that took place from 22nd to 23rd of May in Cologne, Germany. The result of the two days has been, that the Catholic Adult Education is already working intensively on using digital Media in and on education, but improvement is still necessary.
20 participants from nine different countries discussed the use and challenge of New Media in the Adult Education. They informed themselves of behavior with media of different environments, which showed the necessity of digital learning for the future of the Adult Education. Moreover the participants learned about different projects in other countries. Hungary for example has a multi-media web portal for Catholic social teaching and Marriage- and Family Enrichment.
Learning from each other was the focus of the symposium – as through all the years. Speakers during the Symposium have been Prof. Andreas Büsch, Catholic Univerity of Mainz and Clearing-office of the German Bishops’ Conference,  and Pater Philipp Reichling OPream, Catholic Radio Representative of the Church at the Westgerman Broadcasting Corporation (WDR). Judith Wind from the European Office for Catholic Youth Work and Adult Education informed about the processing in Brüssel. The symposium was sponsored by renovabis.

European Office for Catholic Youth Work and Adult Education: “TTIP” topic of Positioning Paper
The carrier of the European Office for Catholic Youth Work and Adult Education finalized a statement that contains requirements for further negotiations. The carriers argue for taking out the area of education. You can find the statement here.

FEECA-Symposium “Catholic Adult Education and New Media”
From April, 22nd – 23rd 2015 the European FEECA-Symposium “Catholic Adult Education and New Media” will take place in Cologne. You can find the detail program in german here. The conference language is german.

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